United DMS: The X-Ray Film Recycling and Destruction Specialists

At United DMS
we put safety and the environment first.

Most lithographic, x-ray and industrial film contains silver and/or other types of coatings. It is this light-sensitive silver that creates an image when exposed to light or x-rays while the coatings maintain the integrity of the plastic.

However, most images only cover part of the film, and the unexposed portion or the scrap must have the silver and other coatings removed for the plastic to be reused. While silver and the coatings are not toxic to humans, it is hazardous when it seeps into groundwater, streams and rivers.

Should silver get into the environment, it can kill small microorganisms that are vital in sewer treatment facilities. It can also kill fish eggs and minnows that are necessary for larger species survival.

Federal, state and local regulations require the removal of silver from the discharge solution before it enters the sewer system. The EPA has set strict standards for the disposal of silver in concentrations exceeding 5 parts per million. Many state and local agencies have more stringent standards. United DMS take these regulations seriously and all of our products and processes are continually tested to meet or exceed these standards.

Protecting our natural resources is a vital concern. In addition, United DMS has installed efficient burners, melting furnaces with afterburners, settling chambers, bag houses and a water-treatment system. All of this equipment meets or exceeds the regulatory guidelines for safe emissions. Finally, United DMS has obtained all necessary EPA permits for our business and would be happy to provide a copy upon request.

In addition, United DMS meets all the new HIPAA requirements on patient confidentiality. United DMS assures that all materials received are destroyed to non-legible forms for processing and will provide Certificates of Destruction to that effect.

Protecting our natural resources is a vital concern – one United DMS holds in the highest regard. Helping you offset some of your costs is also a vital concern, and United DMS is here to assist you in that endeavor.