United DMS: The X-Ray Film Recycling and Destruction Specialists

United DMS Services

At UDMS, we provide a complete range of secure destruction and silver recycling services, there is no third party processing, as all services are done "in house".

1) Sorting
2) Paper destruction
3) Grinding
4) Washing
5) Burning
6) Roasting
7) Smelting

UDMS has adopted the latest refining techniques and equipment, for the most efficient recovery of precious metals. This in turn results in increased profitability for our customers. At UDMS, we provide all recycling services internally, avoiding thrid party processing.

With a combined century of industry experience coupled with a sophisticated tracking system, UDMS can assure our customers each lot is individually processed in a controlled and accurate environment. We understand the responsibility to protect our customers' precious metal scrap, and have installed multiple weight points to ensure accountability.

In addition, all grounds have fencing with restricted access and security lighting at night. Our facilities are equipped with wash stations and mandatory safety procedures to safeguard our employees.